Creating Something New

Updated: Mar 18

Michael collecting pebbles!

The pandemic has robbed us of so many of our hobbies and routines, but it also has helped us create new ones, which we learned to appreciate and enjoy.

Michael’s renewed love for hikes pushed us to discover new trails and new beaches, and with that, his collection of pebbles and rocks grew exponentially. And just like his love for mixing and pouring led me to formulate our soaps and bath bombs’ recipes, I found myself encouraging him to create soap dishes, out of pebbles and clear epoxy.

We are so excited to offer something new for our supporters while encouraging our employees to continue their artistic expression!

Sarina is now expanding on our designs and I am loving her enthusiasm and her creativity.

Feel free to browse our website and Facebook page to have a look at our new additions! I promise we won’t disappoint.