Custom Gifts for Your Next Celebration

March 2020 was definitely a month of turmoil and change. We unexpectedly had our lives and routines turned upside down as we dove into the unknown, without any prior warning.

Now, fast forward to March 2021, we are slowly coming back, and we see timid efforts and scattered attempts at regaining our old norms of socializing.

I don’t know how to feel about the near future. I want to hope that this pandemic will be put behind us forever, but I understand that things might take a turn for the worst if we are not cognizant of all the safety measures that we have to follow.

No matter how things unfold in the coming months, I invite you all to keep Blissful Seeds in your mind. Please allow our contractors to part of your joyful gatherings and occasions or simply have our soaps become a part of your household essentials; We can happily craft beautiful soap favors for you to give your guests and to brag about, as we continue making our sought-after products.

You can be the inclusion agent the autism community and the Blissful Seeds family need. We can, together, break the stigma of Autism the disability and embrace the amazing abilities of these amazing young adults. We can, together, show others what real inclusion means!

So, if you are planning any celebration in the coming months, please remember that our contractors would love to celebrate with you and for you!

We are able to customize our soaps in any color, scent, or design and would love nothing more than to create specialized soaps for your next upcoming baby shower, birthday, wedding, or celebration.