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For a brighter future, success in life and human development, a dash of autism is essential

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Who knew that the culinary herbs I planted couple of weeks ago can add such a plethora of delicious smells

Who knew that the culinary herbs I planted couple of weeks ago can add such a plethora of delicious smells for me to enjoy while sipping on my morning coffee. Amazing how such a tiny project can bring me immense hope for a better tomorrow.

With every blooming leaf, I see myself putting the pieces of a brighter future back together; those pieces that were shattered by relentless battles aimed at secluding kids like mine and disposing of them like unwanted beings.

We all talk about the spectrum of autism. We acknowledge the differences among those who fall on this spectrum. Yet, when we want to talk about autism, we pick and choose those with special talents and amazing abilities, and we forget about those whose uniqueness can be perceived as weirdness or oddness.

Oh this angers me so much ! Why people try so hard to avoid talking about those who do not fit the societal mold created for them? It is like it is ok for you to have autism as long as people can interpret your differences as some kind of genius. Otherwise, you are forgotten and unworthy of any kind of attention.

My amazing nine year old is the funniest, the most creative and the smartest kid I know. But because he refuses to sit on a chair and answer dumbed down questions, he is doomed to fail and live in despair.

Well , not anymore!

Michael and his friends will have a great future because we as parents, will make it happen for them.  I am forever grateful for the supporters who are making it possible.

I can’t believe that our soaps and bath bombs have been this successful ! The Mother’s Day Sale was a hit and allowed us to move into the second phase!

Be on the lookout for our new marinades and salad dressing! Not only that they will be made from top grade oil and herbs, but they will also employ the efforts of amazing young adults who are eager to prove their worth and their abilities!

Our products are going to stand out, just like we promised when we started our project!!

Make sure you contribute your part of creating a better world.  

Rita Saliba

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