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New Bath products. another step towards the future

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Bath fizzes might sound like a fun project to do when your kids are bored at home. But it  becomes a source of hope when you realize that it was perfected by a young child with autism, in such precision that it can guarantee you a blissful bath experience.

Michael is nine years old, and for the longest time ever, he would not participate in arts and crafts as his sensory overload would make such projects feel like torture.

About one year ago, he started participating in making soaps without the need to go wash his hands every minute.

You can imagine my excitement when we were making bath fizzes; he washed his hands only once, prior to starting the project ! I call it a win and another step towards the future I wish for him.

Be on the lookout for more bath bombs, as Zaid and Nova are working on perfecting their skills.

I am really proud of our kids & Blissful Seeds Family!

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