Our dream of creating job opportunities for autistic citizens at Blissful Seeds is getting real

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Last night was an attestation that Blissful Seeds is on the right track to provide our autistic kids with a much deserved purpose.

Paige came in the afternoon, rocking a “Be Kind to Everyone Shirt”, and stroke few poses while holding her first batch of homemade soaps.

Then, Rania shared pictures of Zaid, enjoying the process of helping us replenish our inventory.

While this might sound like a simple pass-time on a stay at home order, it filled me with an amazing sense of pride.

My days of worry that Blissful Seeds will remain a dream seem so far away! It is not a blurry picture in the back of my mind anymore. I can see it clear, I can almost feel it..

I hope that when you enjoy the lather of our organic soaps, you will be reminded that you are transforming the lives of many young people who want nothing more than to be appreciated.

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