People with Autism proving the impossible possible

I have been meaning to write for a couple of weeks now. Many positive advancements in the Non-Profit were unfortunately overshadowed by the Beirut Explosion that left me speechless and sleepless since August 4th.

But today, I realized the need to find hope and courage. I need to believe that my beloved city will be rebuilt, even if the rest of the world have already given up on it. Beirut will be revived because of the people’s resilience and willpower.

I am proud to say that the same resilience and willpower Lebanon has instilled in me are at the core of Blissful Seeds.

Our kids with autism, deemed unemployable by many experts in the field of Autism are proving everyone wrong, only because our team had the willpower to showcase their amazing talents.

I invite you to check our new Kids Collection of organic handmade soaps; Abel and his family have been working really hard and they continue to attest that with the right mindset, the impossible becomes possible.

Abel is excited that he is earning money to buy a new video game, and I am excited for him to live the experience that other teenagers without disabilities do.

Ramiz also has been making beautiful vanilla bath bombs using the best natural ingredients in the market, to go with the kids soap collection.

Thanks to the young contractors, my heart is filled with joy, the same joy that will give me the strength to fight for Beirut and to dream of a better future for us all.

- Rita Saliba

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