Support Arrives in More Ways Than One

Whatever our interests, I think we can all agree that joining the workforce is the foundation of independence and a steppingstone to making one’s mark in this world.

However, when a person cannot earn enough money to make a decent living, the job itself loses its spark and becomes a source of unhappiness and despair.

I aim to create jobs for all these amazing people who reach out to me; however, I'm always afraid of giving them empty promises and false hope. While I want them to always be enthusiastic about work, I know that it was going to take a long time before I can provide them with the real financial independence and the decent living I always preach about.

As a new non-profit, we are still evolving, and we have so many growing pains. Since our weekly sales dictate our production, I dread frequently disappointing my contractors by telling them I only need one or two batches of soap; barely enough work to keep them busy for an hour or two.

However, these amazing young people have taught me that Blissful Seeds is not only about making money and creating financial security. It is also not only about soapmaking and selling at the Farmers Markets. It is in reality about allowing them to raise their voices and make statements for everyone else to hear and to understand them. It is about them showing the world that they deserve to be included and appreciated, that they are capable and worthy.

And probably one of the most important lessons I learned from our amazing contractors, is that the best way to support them is to actually listen to them, really listen to their unspoken words and timid aspirations.

So, I invite you all, each time you buy a bar of soap, a bath bomb, or a soap dish, to see beyond the item you purchased, to feel the love and pride that the contractors put in with every step of the making process, to hear their voices urging you to listen and understand – we are able, we are deserving, we are equal.

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