The Autistic Glow

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Autistic people around the globe are struggling for an opportunity to make money and be successful. Here at blissful seeds we believe that they deserve a job and to be treated equally. Buying One bar of soap shows that you care about this problem and finding a solution. Using one of the majestic arts of the soap made by these people gives you a streak of joy that runs around inside. Donating one dollar could mean the world to autistic citizens, it will also mean the world to us because we know we are not the only people who care. Watching autistic people using their beautiful hands and making art and showing a beautiful smile that shines brighter than the sun. Let's show that autistic people have the power inside to do great things that other people don't think they can. Darkness is not the only thing autistic citizens have, and I know that they could shine bright and show their power that glows inside. This non profit company is trying to make a difference in helping these citizens that deserve everything that we do. Watching the autistic students making soap makes my day, and could change how other people see them from being different, to loving and powerful which is a huge opportunity for everyone that has this problem. Let them fit in and don’t always look at someone and judge the outside because they have power and I have seen it. Just like judging a book by its cover. Please donate at ;) show and help us give them the chance that they have deserved for a long time now. Help us make a difference. :)

Ace Highlights ( Christopher Nasrallah)

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