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Arabian Musk Soap Bar
: Earthy, and slightly sweet, with hints of floral and spicy notes.

Cedarwood Soap Bar: Distinctive woody scent that is warm, rich, and earthy.

Chamomile Soap Bar: Gentle and soothing with floral, herbaceous, and slightly sweet.notes.

Coconut Orchid Soap Bar: Delicate and exotic, creamy coconut with floral undertones.

Jasmine Soap Bar: Sweet, floral, and exotic and slightly fruity.

Lavender Soap Bar: Fresh and clean, with floral undertones, calming, soothing.

Lemongrass Soap Bar: Distinct citrusy and refreshing with hints of lemon and grassy notes.

Mocha Soap Bar: Freshly brewed espresso with the sweet scent of chocolate.

Orange Soap Bar: Bright, tangy, and refreshing, with a strong citrusy aroma.

Peppermint Soap Bar: Refreshing and invigorating scent with a cooling menthol aroma.

Roasted Oatmeal Soap Bar: Warm, nutty, and toasty aroma.

Rose: A  floral and romantic fragrance, reminiscent of freshly bloomed roses.

Sandalwood Soap Bar: Rich, warm, and woody aroma that is both sweet and earthy

Soothing Bar Soap Bar: Gentle and calming aroma, with notes of lavender, delicate & comforting.

Strawberry Champagne Soap Bar: Delightful and indulgent,sweet, juicy aroma of ripe strawberries &, bubbly champagne.

Our soap bars contain everything a great quality shopper looks for:


  • Extra virgin olive oil, rich in antioxidant effects, will help with promoting healthier and younger-looking skin.
  • Organic coconut oil, rich in medium-chain fatty acids, will help keep your skin moisturized and soft.
  • Organic castor oil, rich in anti-inflammatory effects, will help with reducing acne, fighting fungus, and will give the soap the desired smooth lather properties.
  • A dash of shea butter, to ensure hardness and enhance the moisturizing effects of coconut oil.
  • Flowers, herbs, and spices will give our bars their beautiful color without the harmful effect of chemicals and colorings.

    Soap bars may vary in design and have imperfect perfections. Each soap bar is hand-made by young adults with autism.

Natural Soap Bars


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