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Assuming Competence

Updated: Mar 24

Empowering Individuals with Autism, Unleashing Potential, Breaking Barriers, and Embracing Joyful Futures

Empowering Talents, Celebrating Milestones: The Blissful Seeds Journey of 2023 - A blog title reflecting on the achievements and impact of Blissful Seeds Inc. in supporting artists with developmental disabilities, highlighting the success of their storefront and the empowerment of these artists through job creation.
Unleashing Potential, Breaking Barriers, and Embracing Joyful Futures

Assuming competence is a transformative approach that sees beyond perceived limitations and recognizes the unique potential within every individual, regardless of their abilities. It is the fundamental belief that everyone can learn, grow, and thrive in their way. When we assume competence, we open the door to a world of possibilities, fostering an environment where individuals with special needs are encouraged to explore their passions, develop their talents, and carve out their paths. While initially devastated by the challenges of finding a suitable school that could accommodate Michael’s needs, that very sense of devastation birthed a powerful transformation. It became the fuel that ignited my unwavering determination to seek avenues where my son could thrive. It was through this process that we, as a family, resolved to forge our path, eventually paving the way for him to uncover his passion for acrylic pour painting. Michael now breaks down societal biases with every painting he sells. And with every painting he makes, he fuels my desire to help forge more paths for individuals like him. This unexpected positive outcome of what initially seemed like a disaster turned out to be even better than anything I could have envisioned. So, my message to you is to free yourself from all the constraints and listen, really listen, to your children. Believe in them, and when you are on the brink of despair, believe even more. Open your hearts to see the abilities in their disabilities and dive with all your might into a more joyful future, for your sake as well as theirs...

Rita Saliba Mom, Founder, and CEO of Blissful Seeds Inc.

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