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The Blissful Seeds Journey of 2023

Empowering Talents, Celebrating Milestones: The Blissful Seeds Journeyof 2023

Empowering Talents, Celebrating Milestones: The Blissful Seeds Journey of 2023 - A blog title reflecting on the achievements and impact of Blissful Seeds Inc. in supporting artists with developmental disabilities, highlighting the success of their storefront and the empowerment of these artists through job creation.
Celebrating Milestones: Empowerment of Artists with Developmental Disabilities

As I reflect on the journey of 2023, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous amount of support Blissful Seeds has received. With the unwavering commitment of our supporters, we celebrate a milestone that is a testament to the impact of our collective efforts.

The storefront that opened last August serves as a platform to showcase the exceptional talents of 32 artists with developmental disabilities. Each product on display represents not only artistic expertise but also the potential and capability of individuals with developmental disabilities, or individuals with different abilities, as I know it is a way better fitting word for what we see at the store daily.

Your belief in this mission has allowed us to create paid jobs for deserving artists, empowering them to showcase their skills and fulfill their potential. It was truly humbling to see my vision come to life, and I am deeply thankful for every single person and organization that has played a part in this success. As I look forward to the future, I hold onto the belief that with your continued support, I can further expand our impact and create even more opportunities.

I invite you to join me in celebrating this accomplishment and the countless lives that it positively continues to affect you because of your generosity and commitment.

My heartfelt thank you goes to each one of you!

Cheers for an even more successful 2024!

With deepest appreciation,

Rita Saliba

Founder and CEO of Blissful Seeds Inc.

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